Not satisfied with your quote?Feel you can sell your vehicle for more on craigslist? We can help !

Selling a vehicle on your own can be a daunting task and if not done correctly can cause you future problems. But we’re here to help make sure you don’t fall in any of the craigslist pit falls.

Before selling your car without our package, ask yourself the following questions:
– Do I have the time to create and post my ad daily?
– Do I know what forms of payments to take once a buyer wants my car?
– Do I know which documents are required when selling my vehicle ?
– Do I know where to sign the title and fill out other required forms?
– If there is made on title, do I know what to do?
– And Most importantly, Do I know how to remove my liability from the vehicle?

If you answered yes to all these questions then you should be fine.

But If you answered NO, or UNSURE of the rules and guidelines…I suggest our package to help you ease your mind and not regret the day you didn’t choose our step by step ‘help me sell my car package’.

Peace of mind is priceless and this package will really help make sure you don’t create future headaches for yourself by not selling your vehicle in the proper manner.

The Package Includes The Following:

1)We will create your ad with vehicle pics, description, and preferred contact info.
2) Posting of your ad daily on craigslist for 30 days or until sold (whichever comes first).
3)Provide you with a folder that has all necessary DMV paperwork when selling your car.
4)Personal guidance on where and how to fill out forms and title.
5)Suggestions on where to meet potential buyers.
6)Which forms of payment to accept and NOT accept.
7)Steps on how to remove your liability from vehicle once sold
8)Will also provide you with other items to take care of after the sale.

This package will go a long long way in the future for those who are wanting to sell their vehicle themselves and finalize the paperwork in the correct manner.

We have created this package to help individuals who have got screwed over by outside buyers in a variety of ways. Whether its scams, robberies, removing liability, it’s all happened to many people because of their inexperience and lack of safety measures taken.

If interested in this package please contact us for pricing and more details.

Sell your vehicle the safe way. Peace of mind is Priceless!